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Inquiry- Based Learning and Project-Based Learning

Inquiry-Based Learning and Project-Based Learning

I read an article last week about Inquiry Based Learning. The article began with the definition of the word “educate.” The origin of the word “educate,” comes from the Latin word “educo,” means to “bring out or pull from, and develop from within.” What a great way to think about what we do as parents and educators every day!

Inquiry-based learning does just that. When teachers (and parents!) use this strategy, they move beyond just asking questions. Instead, teachers are mindful that every type of question they ask gives students a different kind of opportunity to demonstrate their learning.

Project-based learning and inquiry-based learning closely relate to the information

processing approach. They all fit well with technology-rich learning environments where the focus is not on the hardware and software, but on the learning experience.

the focus of learning environment is the student's excitement about solving a problem or

addressing an issue that they find meaningful.

Here are examples for teachers and parents to make the inquiry-based process more concrete: (From )

1. Students develop questions that they are hungry to answer. Writing tie-in: Have them develop a problem statement that requires them to pitch their question using a constructed response, further inquiry, and citation.

2. Research the topic using time in class. It’s crucial to have some of this be classwork so students have access to the head researcher in the room -- you. You aren’t going to do the work for them, but you are going to guide them and model methods of researching reliably.

3. Have students present what they’ve learned. Students should create and present a culminating artifact. After all, many people can understand content, but can they communicate it? Students can develop a website using Weebly, or perhaps a slideshow using Google Slides.

4. Ask students to reflect on what worked about the process and what didn’t. Reflection is key. It isn’t just about asking them to think back on their opinion of the topic. It’s about reflecting on the process itself. That’s where you can work in metacognition. Thinking about thinking. Thinking about how they learned not just what they learned.

These strategies are ways that we as parents and teachers can help our students in Chester County Schools reach their potential and to meet the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate!

Make it a great week!


High Fives and District News.....

Congratulations to Robin Wilson GoForth! She was chosen as the Chester County School District ROCK STAR TEACHER OF THE MONTH for September! She teaches ELA at Chester Middle School. Awesome job Robin GoForth!

All rising 6th-12th graders in the Chester County School District were invited to participate in a reading contest this past summer. Students were permitted to self-select books that they wanted to read and complete a book verification form for each book read. Each book verification form that was submitted entered the student into a random drawing for a $50 prize, courtesy of a grant provided by The Springs-Close Foundation. The six winners were: Chester Middle School: Tyler Fleming; Chester Senior High School: Ruby Trotter; Lewisville Middle School: Darien Evans; Lewisville High School: Brittney Player; Great Falls Middle School: Jared Lockhart; Great Falls High School: Kaylee McMurray.

Throughout September-November, high schools across the state will host College Application Day events to assist students with the college application process. The goal of College Application Month is to provide an opportunity for all Chester County School District Seniors to apply to at least one college or university. College & University Admission Counselor’s, School Counselors, and Volunteers will be available to assist students with the application process. Many colleges and Universities will also have fee waivers on these designated days. Each High School’s College Application Day and time information is below. For more information please contact your High School Guidance personnel.

Reminder..... There is NO SCHOOL for students on Monday, October 10, 2016.