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Simple Acts of Kindness

In my visits around the schools and community this year, I have witnessed many acts of kindness all around. I see things such as, students picking up after themselves in the cafeterias, recycling, safety patrols and students helping each other. In other words, they are taking responsibility for themselves and others.

In the community, I have watched as our community came together for the Chester County Health Fair to make our county a healthier place. I’ve seen the positive responses in the media of people helping others during devastating hurricanes to our state and other parts of the country.

Kindness spreads! The effect of acts of kindness on the school community is so positive. It helps our students become aware of and more sensitive to the needs of others. They have a chance to see beyond themselves, and it can re-frame their view of the world. Some people call this “paying it forward.”

One student said, “When I started being helpful and kind to others, I felt happy.” When kindness is extended to others, then others start being helpful and kind to more people, it creates a kind of ripple effect throughout the school and community.

What can you do as adults to foster this with your children? Let them see you showing acts of kindness! Remember that you are their role model for this! Who knows…it may change your student’s outlook on school and life!

Make it a great week!


District News and High Fives......


Congratulations to the Great Falls Red Devil Regiment for placing 2nd place in their division and Most Spirited band award at the River Bluff Swamp Classic.

StartFragmentThe Great Falls JROTC took home 1st place in Squad Arm Drill at the Lewisville JROTC Drill Meet.EndFragment

StartFragmentCongratulations to the Lady Lions Volleyball Team, they are 2017 Region 2-A Champions.EndFragment

Congratulations to the Lewisville Lions Marching Band earned a trophy for 3rd place in their class!EndFragment

The end of the first 9 weeks ends on October 18, 2017.

Report Cards will be issued on October 24, 2017.

Thanksgiving Holidays are November 22-24.