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Eight Skills for Every Student

Eight Skills Every Student Needs

In a recent article from the American Association of School Administrators’ Journal, Julie Lythcott-Haims writes a list of eight skills every student needs by the age of 18. I thought the list was interesting, because the items fall right in line with the areas associated with the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.

Hopefully, this list (paraphrased by me!) will help students, parents, teachers and community members!

1. Our young adults must be able to approach new people with respect and eye contact. They will need this when they need to seek help with direction and guidance.

2. Our young adults must be able to find his/her way around town, campus or any place for which they are unfamiliar. It sounds funny, but some students don’t know how to prepare for a trip because we are always doing it for them!

3. Our young adults must be able to manage assignments, workloads and deadlines. They need to know how to prioritize tasks, manage workloads and meet deadlines without constant reminders from adults!

4. Our young adults must be able to contribute to the running of a household. That’s right! They need to be given regular responsibilities as a member of the household to “look after their own needs, respect the needs of others or do their fair share for the good of the whole.”

5. Our young adults must be able to handle interpersonal problems. So many times, we as adults step in to solve the misunderstandings and sooth hurt feelings for them.” We need to allow them to handle and resolve conflicts without adult intervention.

6. Our young adults must be able to cope with ups and downs. So many times, I have observed that adults will step in when things get to tough or hard for kids. They will finish the task or even extend the deadline.This does not help when they get into the real world where “things won’t always go their way.”

7. Our young adults must be able to earn and manage money. “If they don’t develop a sense of responsibility for completing a job, they don’t develop an appreciation for the cost of things and how to manage money.”

8. Our young adults must be able to take risks. Kids need to know that success only comes from trying and failing sometimes multiple times! They need to develop that “thick skin” that comes from when things go wrong.

Lythcott-Haims concludes by saying, “Remember, our kids must be able to do all of these things without calling a parent. If they are calling us, to ask how, they do not have that life skill.”

You can teach these skills in the everyday interactions with your children and students. Let’s prepare them with life skills for the world of work and their future!

May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Cherish the days you have with them.


District News and High Fives......

Congratulations to the Lewisville High School Volleyball team for being named 1A State Champions!

Congratulations to Great Falls Band. They placed 11th this past weekend in the state division 1A band competition. Way to go!

8th grade students from Chester Middle (Orange), Great Falls Middle (Pink), & Lewisville Middle (Yellow), enjoyed Career Speaker, Brooks Harper Speaks at Teen CEO Day in Rock Hill, SC today. Over 5000 students from across the upstate participated in the fun & informative day at Winthrop Coliseum.

Congratulations to Greg McDow, CCSD Office of Finance, who was awarded a S.C. School Business Official Certification. Greg participated in a year long study of professional development and examination toward this certification. Greg was also high scorer on the exam and was awarded a monetary prize. He is pictured at the conference with district CFO Mellanie Jinnette.

Congratulations to Great Falls Middle School's Ms. April Morgan. She was chosen for October's Rock Star Teacher of the month.

Student Council members from all three Chester County high schools enjoyed time together at Chester State Park today. In addition to having fun, they spent time with team building activities, collaborating on how to better the schools and communities, and playing disc golf in the falling leaves. Guest speakers included CCSD Superintendent Dr. Angela Bain and Chester County Supervisor Shane Stuart.

Reminder... No School, Thanksgiving Break November 22-24.

Happy Thanksgiving!