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Convocation - Happy New Year!

StartFragmentAs I reflected on last year and our accomplishments in Chester County School District, I tried to find some elaborate way to express my feelings and impressions about those accomplishments.

I also thought about what we are about to do together this year for our students, and how many hopes and dreams we have for our students. I finally landed on these two words….


Thank you to those of you who have been dedicated to Chester County School District for a number of years.

Thank you for your advocacy for the education profession!

Thank you to those of you who have just joined our district’s family.

Thank you all for CHOOSING CHESTER!

Our theme this year is “Get Connected.”

We are connected as a county school district because we are one district, one vision, one voice!

Our team is made of the sum of the talents from each of us who works in SYNERGY for children in Chester County!

What is synergy? Synergy is when team results are greater than the results of each individual combined. Think of it as 1 + 1 = 3

You know synergy is happening when team members are “multipliers,” not “additions.” The proof is in the results they are


Districts that operate in synergy have a substantial advantage over districts that do not work together.

Every student deserves for all of the adults in this district to work in synergy to get results that are greater than each individuals’ results combined.

Connecting with each other and our students is like a piece of a puzzle. Even though each piece is different in size, color and shape, we all contribute to the success of the greater organization.

This year, everyone will know how great our students are! We need to show everyone how they shine!

As we welcome our students next Monday, let’s keep in mind that when we connect and collaborate with each other as staff members, parents and community, we synchronize our energies towards a common goal….That goal is the education of our students.

District News and Information....

CCSD Transportation Department is excited to announce that this year, elementary students will have their own bus route that is separate from the middle and high school students.

Arrival and Dismissal times have been adjusted for this upcoming school year. Schools will open 45 minutes prior to the start time.

Chester Park Complex 8:00 AM—2:30 PM Doors will open at 7:15

Chester Middle School 7:45 AM—3:15 PM Doors will open at 7:00

Chester High School 8:15 AM—3:30 PM Doors will open at 7:30

Lewisville Elementary 8:00 AM—2:30 PM Doors will open at 7:15

Lewisville Middle School 7:45 AM—3:15 PM Doors will open at 7:00

Lewisville High School 8:15 AM—3:30 PM Doors will open at 7:30

Great Falls Elementary 8:00 AM—2:30 PM Doors will open at 7:15

Great Falls Complex 8:15 AM— 3:30 PM Doors will open at 7:30

First day of school for students is August 19, 2019.

All students will receive FREE breakfast and lunch again this school year. Please encourage your students to take advantage of our FREE Healthy Nutritious Breakfast and Lunch!

Tonight is the night when high school football gets started at one stadium in Chester County. Come out and support your team and Chester County Football. It will be an great time with our Chester County Alum Athletes being honored & PACCC promoting the Scholarship Golf Ball Roll. PACCC will have a table set up so you can purchase a golf ball and possibly win a great prize.

Gates open at 6 PM. Event starts at 7 PM Get there early to for parking. Admission-$7/person.

Reminder ONLY SCHSL passes will be honored.

Let's get this football season off to a great start in Chester County!